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Car carpet material. 9 x 13 rugs.

Car Carpet Material

car carpet material

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Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago
I've never been a fan of these over-the-top-exotics but couldn't resist trying to emulate the same shot fellow flickR-ite and friend Ricardipus had taken. This was my best effort, had to hold onto the railing for dear life at 1/6 | f/2.8 | iSO250. The results were so bad this was the only way I could salvage the shot. Good ole faithful B&W with a very small application of selective colour for the Lambo logo.

Richard... you are so right about
"Lamborghini wins my award for "worst display at the 2010 AutoShow". Two black cars, on a black carpet, against a black wall, far away from the barriers, in a really, really poorly lit area of the Convention Centre. With no information cards or any other materials to tell you about the vehicles."

2010 Canadian International AutoShow
Metro Tronto Convention Centre
Toronto, Ontario

High Contrast B&W + Selective Colour
Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8

1962 chevy

1962 chevy

In addition to the new paint, it got a new custom fitted seat cover for the back seat, matching material on the door panels and on a center console that was made of plywood under the blue vinyl... new carpet, and a pair of bucket seats that had come out of a 1966 Pontiac GTO.

Still to come: dual exhausts, an Addco sway bar, 5-spoke Buick wheels and radial tires.

As soon as THAT's all done, it gets sideswiped and hauled to the scrap yard.

Sorry about the picture quality - these are Instamatic shots from my pre-photography days.

car carpet material

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Discount bath rug : Rugs dallas texas.

Discount Bath Rug

discount bath rug

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discount bath rug - Royale Chocolate

Royale Chocolate 21x34 Inch Bath Rug

Royale Chocolate 21x34 Inch Bath Rug

This beautiful bath rug has plush rich yarns that provide that ultimate feeling of luxury. Step out of the bath and onto the softest, plushest comfort you can imagine. Our Royale bath rug is thick, sumptuous and bristling with toe-curling nylon pile. Quite lustrous too, with a natural sheen that along with the vibrant colors will easily brighten any bathroom. Long lasting and fade-resistant for years of great looks. Non-skid backing helps prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces. Easy to care for, too - simply toss in the wash and machine dry! USA.

83% (6)

Bath time

Bath time

Bath time is a tradition in our house every night. It's part of our routine that Jackie enjoys as much as we do.



Bath Cathedral is in the background, beyond the famous Roman baths.

discount bath rug

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