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Discount Bath Rug

discount bath rug

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discount bath rug - Royale Chocolate

Royale Chocolate 21x34 Inch Bath Rug

Royale Chocolate 21x34 Inch Bath Rug

This beautiful bath rug has plush rich yarns that provide that ultimate feeling of luxury. Step out of the bath and onto the softest, plushest comfort you can imagine. Our Royale bath rug is thick, sumptuous and bristling with toe-curling nylon pile. Quite lustrous too, with a natural sheen that along with the vibrant colors will easily brighten any bathroom. Long lasting and fade-resistant for years of great looks. Non-skid backing helps prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces. Easy to care for, too - simply toss in the wash and machine dry! USA.

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Bath time

Bath time

Bath time is a tradition in our house every night. It's part of our routine that Jackie enjoys as much as we do.



Bath Cathedral is in the background, beyond the famous Roman baths.

discount bath rug

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